Whatever Happened to..?

Ever notice how there’s always that one annoying SOB in the room who thinks he/she has all the answers? Back when I used to hang out in bars in a generally inebriated state of being, I used to hear all kinds of far-fetched ideas about how everything could be fixed or how all our problems could be solved by some simple clap-trap ideas…I know you’ve heard them too, unless you were hiding inside a bottle or just leaping into your own personal oblivion and too busy with that to pay much attention to anything else besides your own screaming anxieties.

Well, I’m going to try yet one more time to work out my own crazy catechism of life’s special little moments in yet another blog. Another time, you say? Yes, it’s true I go thru these things faster than a coked up flamenco guitarist goes thru guitar strings…and still I keep coming back for more. I keep telling myself that It will be different this time. But it never is. So why do I bother? I have no clue.

Whatever happened to common decency? No, I’m not channeling the late Andy Rooney. I live in a city with half a million self-interested bipeds who seem to have forgotten a number of things that used to have been taken for granted:

Like driving in their own lane (granted on some of the streets the yellow lines are so faded as to be nearly gone, but still is that a reason to drive down the middle of a two lane street?)

Like not waiting until after ten o’clock at night to yell at their friends two houses over.

Like not leaving their 1500 watt worklight on all night long to scare away anything with eyes, not just fellow bipeds.

Like not deciding to move out in the dead of night (tho really this one kinda makes sense if you are running some sort of illegal activity and you think that you won’t draw any attention to yourself by being so “stealthy”).

Like not leaving your trash for someone else to pick up…except there’s nobody interested in picking up after you anymore.

Oh, it goes on and on, this list of mine. And all these things could be solved easily if I would just be allowed to run the show my way. And in the ensuing posts I will be outlining my plan to bring things back on track. Who knows, maybe someone will take me seriously!

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